MAKING 12 - 1/700scale Multi-Material Kit : Battleship YAMATO

"1/700scale Multi-Material Kit : 日本海軍 戦艦 大和"の製作メイキングをUPしていきます。


Continuing to the making of "1/700scale Multi-Material Kit : Battleship YAMATO".
You may reference to this “making of” article when you assembling the kit.

This update is the point to note in processing the laser lithography parts.

You need to cut the liner part before applying any process. The material is not similar to those resin parts or plastic parts that are more elastic, it may be easily broken if you just use a nipper to cut it.
We suggest to use a design knife to mark the cut line at the liner part, and leaving a little bit liner to the part

Use a fine nipper to cut. Don’t use too much strength and follow the knife marks you have just made to prevent breaking up the parts.

This is how it feels after cutting.
Due to different production lots, some parts may fit to the kit after this cutting process. You may try to have some temporary assembling to confirm.

Remove the remaining liner by using a file. Handle with care.

It’s the same when you are dealing with the chimney.You will also need to remove the part as stated in the red circle.

Use a file directly to remove. handle with care.



The process to other laser lithography parts are similar to the above.
You can apply any paints (lacquer, acrylic, enamel) directly to the parts. It is still OK if you paint the parts directly.
Primer or surfacer paint can be used to paint easier.
However, of you spray the surfacer too thick to the parts will cover the fine details the parts, just a thin surface paint is fine.

To be continued. . .

MAKING 13 - 1/700scale Multi-Material Kit : Battleship YAMATO