MAKING 9 - 1/700scale Multi-Material Kit : Battleship YAMATO

"1/700scale Multi-Material Kit : 日本海軍 戦艦 大和"の製作メイキングをUPしていきます。


Continuing to the making of "1/700scale Multi-Material Kit : Battleship YAMATO".
You may reference to this “making of” article when you assembling the kit.

This update will be assembling the main turret.

Finally the pride of the YAMATO — the 46cm/45 Type 94 naval gun.

We start from the internal parts.
The shape of M145a and M145b are very similar, but the position of the dowels are different. Refer to the manual to see the differences between them.
Then the ○ highlighted parts in the photo, the bending process to D23 and D24 is little bit difficult.
Just as MAKING 1 shown, use the bender to grab the narrow part and bend it with your finger will be fine.

The barrels are made of brass, and you need to drill holes to M152 and insert to it. Try to drill it at the center and drill the hole straight. Because the turret has three barrels so if you drill it tilted and it will be seen easily.

The handrails at the top is very thin and tiny, so please pay extra attention when bending and attaching them. Also keep it safe after you finished assembling because it will also be broken easily.



The second and the third main turret are following the same process except this first main turret has anti-aircraft guns.

To be continued. . .

MAKING 10 - 1/700scale Multi-Material Kit : Battleship YAMATO