MAKING 7 - 1/700scale Multi-Material Kit : Battleship YAMATO

"1/700scale Multi-Material Kit : 日本海軍 戦艦 大和"の製作メイキングをUPしていきます。


Continuing to the making of "1/700scale Multi-Material Kit : Battleship YAMATO".
You may reference to this “making of” article when you assembling the kit.

This update will be attaching the decals to the deck.

この工程は説明書の[POINT A]として組み立て上の説明が書かれています。このデカールは通常の水転写式デカールとは貼り方が異なる特殊なものです。ですので特に注意事項として説明書に記してあります。このメイキングでは、その補足説明をしたいと思います。
You may also following POINT A in the instruction manual to perform the attaching. Since the decal is different from the generic decals that use water, the way to attach this decal has been already stated in the instruction manual.
Please treat this update as the supplement to the manual.
Please get the photo etch of the deck painted first.

Then cut the decal out without any white spacing left. To attach the decal precisely, you must cut the decal well.


Here is the composition of the decal in detail.
Starting from the surface with numbers that you can see :
(1). transparent protection film
(2). reversely printed decal
(3). paper sheet
(4). thick back paper
The following will be using numbers instead of the full names.
First, peel off the tip of the head and tail of (1) only. Do not remove the film right now.

Then remove the corner only of (4). This action is for the easy removing of (4) when attaching to the deck.


Then place (2) to the deck, i.e., you will be placing the decal with (4) on the top.
Adjust the position of the decals now. Since the tip of (1) has been removed, please pay attention in adjusting the position.
After you have adjusted the exact position, slightly press to fix the position. Remove (1) and slightly press the decal fix the position.
Then remove (4) slowly.

Use a paintbrush to apply water to the decal. The decal now will be stuck completely to the deck.

Remove (3) slightly.



Absorb excess water with soft cloth.
The attach of decal is completed. If there is some paper remaining on the decal, use cotton bud with water to remove it.
The colouring of this decal has been set to a little bit lighter colour to match the wooden deck. After the decal is completely dried, use enamel paint to perform weathering to have a more natural presentation of the deck.
Please use enamel paint only to perform weathering process only and do not use other paints and clear coating paint. They will harm the decal.

To be continued. . .

MAKING 8 - 1/700scale Multi-Material Kit : Battleship YAMATO