Making of MFH 1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : Day 6

This is the making guide of MFH 1/12scale Fulldetail Kit.

Making of MFH 1/12scale Fulldetail Kit :

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Clear coating can be applied once decals have been dried completely. While it is a rather technical task, clear coating provides a protective layer for decals while giving the body a nice, smooth glossy finish. If the clear coat is too thin it will not be able to level the decal height to the body, nor will it be able to create a continuous smooth gloss over the entire body. Spray until the point just before the paint starts to drip and do so uniformly over the entire body. There are many clear coat paints on the market, so please test various brands and choose based on personal preference (ease of purchase, ease of use, whether polishing will be done post clear coating, the final appearance of the gloss etc.). Our in-house modeler always polishes the body after clear coating when making models so a thicker layer of clear coat is applied using a urethane clear coat paint, giving a nice solid glossy finish in the end.

After clear coat has been applied, leave the body to dry in a dust free environment for a few days. It is especially important to let the coat dry completely if you proceed to do polishing after.

Making of MFH 1/12scale Fulldetail Kit :

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