MAKING 15 - 1/700scale Multi-Material Kit : Battleship YAMATO

"1/700scale Multi-Material Kit : 日本海軍 戦艦 大和"の製作メイキング、いよいよ最終回です。


The making of "1/700scale Multi-Material Kit : Battleship YAMATO".
This is the last making of the kit.

Using the techniques that we have discussed before, you should not find any difficulties in assembling the parts after the last update.

Although the deck requires to be fixed by screws, you need to insert the ring type parts to the turret bases and adjust the position before you using screws to fix the position of the deck.

Portion of the ship side part M33 (as shown in the red square in the picture) may be curved and you need to adjust it according the ship body and do temporary assemble before all actions to be taken.

The painting to the fighters is just using fine paintbrush and applying decals. Only thing you need is to pay attention and paint it carefully.
Also beware the propellers and the spinners to be lost.
After the long works. . .


The YAMATO is finally completed!!
To all customers:
Thank you for completing the kit! And please enjoy the following kits from Model Factory Hiro!
Also please don’t forget to send us photos of the completed kits! We will put it on the gallery.
Act now!

MAKING - 1/700scale Multi-Material Kit : Battleship YAMATO