MAKING 2 - 1/700scale Multi-Material Kit : Battleship YAMATO

"1/700scale Multi-Material Kit : 日本海軍 戦艦 大和"の製作メイキングをUPしていきます。

After the introduction to the required tools, starting from this update, we will follow the instruction manual to build the "1/700scale Multi-Material Kit : Battleship YAMATO".
This article will start to assemble the circuit line outside the hull.

The circuit outside the hull is for cancelling the magnetic field generating from the battleship, defending from the attack of the magnetic underwater mine.

The circuit is photo etch parts. Use the instant adhesives to attach to the hull.
Because of the curved shape of the hull, it is suggested to use the jelly type instant adhesives since the drying time of jelly type can stay longer for you to have minor adjustment to the position of the circuit.Use the liquid type for finializing the position. The circuit will stick firmly with no spaces left.

Although the circuit should be linked around the hull, you may cut the photo etch parts (as shown in the red circle marked in the photo) for better looking to the model. This can make you leaving no spaces and gaps in between the circuit and the hull.It is not the only way to attach the circuit, you may do it in your way and treat this as your reference.



Attaching the screws (propeller) are not so difficult. However, please check them carefully to keep them parallel to the hull. It is too obvious if you attach them even a little bit tilted.

To be continued. . .

MAKING 3 - 1/700scale Multi-Material Kit : Battleship YAMATO