Making of MFH 1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : Day 14 [ Finish ]

This is the making guide of MFH 1/12scale Fulldetail Kit.

Making of MFH 1/12scale Fulldetail Kit :

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After two weeks, the model has been completed.
We often hear that customers have a large backlog of models, and while we are sure everyone would love to take their time with each and every one of them, in most cases that “time” is unavailable (especially for something large like a 1/12 scale model). While this guide was made to present various modeling techniques, it also serves as a guide on how to complete (large) projects quickly without skimping on quality. If you follow the pace of the guide and use time during weekends/night time after work, a model can be finished in about 2 months worth of time.
We hope this guide will be useful for any current/future scale modeling projects you have.

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