NEW Concept Shop [ Scale Model Shop & Labo “CAST” ]



2022.12.28 Model Factory Hiro



2020.09.02 Model Factory Hiro


Renovation work for the storefront that began in May are about finished: floor space has been expanded and the store now features a new look from the outside.
In addition to space expansion work at the storefront, additional renovation work has been done to expand the workshop area within the factory.
The plants along the north wall have been removed and a bamboo fence in "inuyarai" style (as found in machiyas in Kyoto) has been built in place. Also, a part of the old parking space has been reformed as an expansion to the factory's workshop area. The pickup truck in the photos belongs to Mr. Hiro, and is customized to hold heavier loads for carrying materials into the factory.

2020.07.21 Model Factory Hiro

新しい店舗スペースは、弊社の製品を販売する"Shop"としてお客様をお迎えする他に、3Dプリンタやレジン注型機・塗装ブース・各種工作機械を設置し、色々なモノ作りを体験していただける"Labo"としても機能することを目的としています。模型を購入するだけでなく、Model Factory Hiroが考えるモノ作りを楽しめる体験スペースを目指してまいります。
新しいコンセプトのショップ、[ Scale Model Shop & Labo "CAST” ]、そのオープンにご期待下さい。

Our new shop will continue to feature a rich lineup of MFH kits and goods for sale as in the past, but will now also features a completely new lab area: this lab area will contain 3D printers, resin casting booth, painting booth and various machinery allowing customers to experience creating parts and bits from scratch.
On top of selling kits, we want to convey the joy of designing and creating thing, and we hope that the new lab area will allow our customers to experience a bit of that joy. Please look forward to the opening of our new concept shop [Scale Model Shop & Labo "CAST"], coming soon!
Due to the COVID-19 virus, the opening date of the store has not been decided at the moment. Please look forward to more news regarding the opening in the near future.

2020.07.01 Model Factory Hiro