Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO No.25 : All The TURBO CARS 1986

 “Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO”第25弾は、出場車全てがターボチャージド・マシーンで占められた1986年シーズンをジョー・ホンダ氏の写真で振り返ります。




カラー  :約500~600点


・ローラ THL-1/THL-2
・アロウズ A8/A9
・ベネトン B186
・オゼッラ FA1F/FA1G/FA1H
・ミナルディ M185B/M186
・リジェ JS27
・フェラーリ F186

・版元:株式会社 モデルファクトリーヒロ

The Vol. 25 of "Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO" will be featuring all turbo-charged cars in 1986 photographed by Joe Honda.

Atmospheric engines were banned in this season, also accompanied with the reduction of the fuel tank size from 220L to 195L, so in order to have advantage to the others, all teams were busy to have precise calculation on the fuel consumption alongside the horsepower. The four strongest drivers: Prost from McLaren, Piquet and Mansell from Williams, and Senna fighting for the championship. That what the best cars and the best drivers starting a new era of chaos.

This volume will continue using the "scrap book-like" starting from Vol. 24, together with the iconic beautiful large photos layout in the previous volumes.

For the car types, this volume will have more pages on 3 cars: the McLaren MP4/2C driven by Alain Prost, and the FW11 from Williams that assisting the team to win the constructors championship, and the Braham BT55 which did not have a good result but famous to maniacs. For cars that have a single volume published, such as F186 and 98T, the photo used in this volume will prevent duplicating photos. For all cars that in this season will be included in this volume.

■Races included:
San Marino, Monaco, Belgium, Canada, United States (Detroit), France, Great Britain, Germany and Austria, 9 out of 16 races. (Some cars may have different races)

■Cars Included:
・McLaren MP4/2C
・Tyrrell 014/015
・Williams FW11
・Braham BT55
・Lotus 98T
・Zakspeed 861
・Lola THL-1/THL-2
・Arrows A8/A9
・Benetton B186
・Osella FA1F/FA1G/FA1H
・Minarde M185B/M186
・Ligier JS27
・Ferrari F186

Size: A4 variation (297mm x 232mm)
Pages: 100 Pages
No. of Photos: Colour 500-600 photos!! (approx.)
Language: Japanese / with partial English translation
Publisher: Model Factory HIRO

Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO No.25 : All The TURBO CARS 1986


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