Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO No.24 : Grand Prix Cars 1988

 好評の“Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO”第24弾は、1.5リッター・ターボ最後のシーズン、1988年を闘った全てのマシーンがテーマ。マクラーレン入りを果たしたセナが名機MP4/4を駆って初王座を決めたこともあり、非常に人気の高い当シーズンを特集するに当たり、従来よりもぐっと写真点数の多いフォーマットでお届けします。写真点数は、当シリーズの平均350点を遥かに超え、約800点!!!!となっています。




カラー  :約800点!!


・フェラーリ F187/88C
・ベネトン B188
・アロウズ A10B
・マーチ 881
・リアル ARC01
・ミナルディ M188
・ローラ LC88
・ダラーラ F3087,BMS188
・コローニ FC188
・リジェ JS31
・オゼッラ FA1
・ユーロブルン ER188

・版元:株式会社 モデルファクトリーヒロ

The main theme "Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO" No.24 is about the last season that Turbo cars have raced in 1988. This volume not only including the famous machine MP4/4 driven by Senna of McLaren won the champion of the season, but also other machines because this season was so famous. This volume will be presenting with huge number of pictures that increasing from the average 350 pictures to about 800 pictures!

This volume has been edited to focus on the "level of information of the photos". To minimize the text and leaving as much as space available for the precious photos from Joe Honda taken in 1988. Photos in this volume will avoid duplicating the photos of which had been individually published, like the MP4/4, F187/88 and also 100T, and including other machines that also famous like Leyton House March 881 and Benetton B188, and also the machine came from Euroburn and Zakspeed, in total 18 types of cars, composing a complete pictorial book for the season.

The photos of the cars are mostly arranged by chronological order and the body works can be seen by eyes. For the iconic famous cars will be including the detailed information about the drivers and also the engines which will be extremely helpful when you are using it for your modeling work.

At the end of this volume will be featuring the comparison of all 18 cars comparison, taken Yuuji Shimizu at Japanese GP. Please enjoy this "interesting when reading, useful when referencing" volume!

■Race included...
Brazil, San Marino, Monaco, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Japan 11 out of 16 stops
(Please be noticed that there may be some pictures shot in other stops due to the different types of cars)

■Cars included...
・McLaren MP4/4
・Ferrari F187/88C
・Benetton B188
・Arrows A10B
・March 881
・Williams FW12
・Tyrrell 017
・Rial ARC01
・Minardi M188
・Lola LC88
・Dallara F3087,BMS188
・Coloni FC188
・Ligier JS31
・Osella FA1
・Euroburn ER188
・Zakspeed 881

Size: A4 variation (297mm x 232mm)
Pages: 100 Pages
No. of Photos: Colour 800 photos!! (approx.)
Language: Japanese / with partial English translation
Publisher: Model Factory HIRO

Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO No.24 : Grand Prix Cars 1988


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