Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO No.13 Ferrari 126CK & 126CX 1981

モデルファクトリーヒロがF1フリークに贈る、珠玉の“車種切り”写真集“Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO”の第13弾は、我が国を代表する現役F1フォトグラファーの一人、金子 博氏のアーカイヴから、1981年のフェラーリ126CKにフォーカスします。


フェラーリ126CK ディテール・ファイル


・版形:A4 変形版(天地297mm×左右232mm)
・言語 Language:日本語/英語併記あり Japanese and English
・版元:株式会社 モデルファクトリーヒロ

In this volume featuring the Ferrari 126CK in 1981. The photos are taken by Hiroshi Kaneko, one of the representable character in Japan F1 Photographer.

The combination of two young lions, Gilles Villeneuve and Didier Pironi, driving the first “wild horse” turbo F1. The glory and the hard fight, the strong and powerful engine and the fragile unibody, and the brutal driving. All in this volume.

This volume will be bundled with the detail file for the 126CX supercharger version.

KANEKO HIROSHI Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO No 13
“Ferrari 126CK and 126CX 1981”

Size:                    A4 variation (297mm x 234mm)
Pages:                 Full Colour 80 Pages
No. of Photos:     Colour – 170 photos
No. of races:        1981 – 09 races over 15 races
Special feature:   Lotus 63 Detail File Lotus 56B Detail File
Language:           Japanese / with partial English translation
Publisher:           Model Factory HIRO

Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO No.13 Ferrari 126CK & 126CX 1981


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