Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO No.08 Brabham BT46

■Branham BT46, 46B & 48 / Alfa Romeo 177, 179 1978-79

第8弾は、グランプリ界随一のパワーを誇ったアルファ12気筒エンジンを搭載したBT46,BT46B(ファンカー),BT48をフィーチャー。 同年1978-79に復活を遂げたアルファロメオF1,177及び179の写真も収録しています。

収録グランプリ : 全9戦 - [ 1978年6戦/1979年3戦 ]
写真点数 : 約270点 - [ カラー230点/モノクロ40点 ]

In this volume we are featuring the most successful time of the formula car with most powerful F1 car engine in the world at the ’70s, the “Branham Alfa” with the Alfa 12 air drums engine installed, altogether with the racer Niki Lauda, driving the BT46, BT46B “The Fancar” and also the BT48. The genuine Alfa Romeo F1 177 and 179 at the 1978-79 season will also be featured in this volume.

69 pages over this 80-page feature are photos which taken at the actual races. The remaining 11 pages are containing about 60 photos of the Fancar BT46B in the Goodwood recent years, this will be the rare information for studying the details of the Fancar. JOE HONDA Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO “Branham BT46, 46B & 48 / Alfa Romeo 177, 179 1978-79”

Size: A4 variation (297mm x 234mm)
Pages: Full Colour 80 Pages
No. of Photos: Colour – 170 photos (by Joe Honda)
Colour – 60 photos (by MFH)
Monochrome – 40 photos
Total 270 photos
No. of races: 1978 – 6 over 16 races
1979 – 3 over 15 races
Language: Japanese / with partial English translation
Publisher: Model Factory HIRO

Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO No.08 Brabham BT46


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