1/12scale Pit Parts Set [1980'S]

・1980年代のF1ピットシーンを再現できる1/12scale ピットパーツセットです。

- This "1/12scale pit parts set [1980's]" allows you to recreate the F1 pit scene of the 1980s.
- The set includes a handheld computer, batteries, intercom, air gauge, timing board, handheld printer, impact wrench, pit stand and spray cans, and other equipment and tools to recreate pit scenes.
- Includes white metal parts, decals, cords, metal wires, etc.

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●P1225 - 1/12scale Pit Parts Set [1980's]

[ 2024年6月発売 / June 2024 released ]

1/12scale Pit Parts Set [1980'S]


9,900円 (本体 9,000円、税 900円)

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