3D Printed Rivets Series [ Bolt series ]

 ●P1194 - B0.6 : ボルト 0.6Φ Bolt 0.6Φ
 ●P1195 - B0.6F : ボルト/フランジ付 0.6Φ Bolt with flange 0.6Φ
 ●P1196 - B0.7 : ボルト 0.7Φ Bolt 0.7Φ
 ●P1197 - B0.7F : ボルト/フランジ付 0.7Φ Bolt with flange 0.7Φ
 ●P1198 - B0.8 : ボルト 0.8Φ Bolt 0.8Φ
 ●P1199 - B0.8F : ボルト/フランジ付 0.8Φ Bolt with flange 0.8Φ
 ●P1200 - B0.9 : ボルト 0.9Φ Bolt 0.9Φ
 ●P1201 - B0.9F : ボルト/フランジ付 0.9Φ Bolt with flange 0.9Φ
 ●P1202 - B1.0 : ボルト 1.0Φ Bolt 1.0Φ
 ●P1203 - B1.0F : ボルト/フランジ付 1.0Φ Bolt with flange 1.0Φ


 - a set of rivets with a bolt head design that can be used for detailing up various kits.
 - available in 10 different types based on two different designs: with or without flange (washer), with each design further broken down into various shaft diameters between 0.6mm to 1.0mm. Each set include 100 pcs.

3D Printed Rivets Series [ Bolt series ]


1,320円 (本体 1,200円、税 120円)

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P1194 - B0.6

P1195 - B0.6F

P1196 - B0.7

P1197 - B0.7F

P1198 - B0.8

P1199 - B0.8F

P1200 - B0.9

P1201 - B0.9F

P1202 - B1.0

P1203 - B1.0F

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