1/35scale Multi-Material Kit : ティーガーI 初期生産型 TIGER I Ausf.E Early Production

[ キット概要 -Kit Details- ]


– This kit is based on late production type in 1942, the year that production of TIGER I had been started.
The details of different parts can all being found of the kits, including the rubber-rounded wheels, sprocket wheels, cupola, loader hatch, large pistol port, smoke discharger, feifel filter, shields, and etc.
– This multi-material kit consists of parts that made of White Metal, Resin, Aluminium alloys, Photo etch sheets, Screen Printing Decal sheet, and more.
– The Maybach engine, emission, radiator, turret and the ammo bank will be in full details with interior structures.
– The track can be assembled easily and making the model more realistic and to let you feel the weight. Also, it is totally movable.
– Suspension is movable so that you can enjoy playing after the kit has been finished.
– The internal details of the muzzle brake, and the rifling will be made of UV photopolymer using laser lithography.
The barrel is made of aluminium alloys, and can perform recoil operation by implementing springs. The ammo loading is movable.
– Options available for choosing the March 1943 revision of TIGER I, including the turret will be the early type including smoke discharger, the periscope for the ammo loader, and spare track holder.
– Parts are available for the internal parts of the turrets, such as various equipments, electrical parts, spare periscope, and cases. Decal sheets will also be available for labeling the parts.
– 2 variations are available for the toolbox at the rear of the turret: the primitive early type and the standard early type.
– The clamp mold of OVM parts are newly redesigned, and the parts will be made by laser lithography, and composed of UV photopolymer.
– The Feifel filter case, shield, sprocket wheels also available in 2 variations.
– The ammo case are made of copper alloy. Together with the metallic bullet and photo etch parts to make realistic ammos.
– The taper-shape antenna is using fibre and bendable.
(For more information about the antenna please refer to this page)
– Hatches and the rear inspection grill can be opened.
– The traction wire are made of copper and included in the kit.
– Marks for TIGER I early type in different locations are available in decal sheets.

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●MK003 - 1/35scale Multi-Material Kit : ティーガーI 初期生産型 TIGER I Ausf.E Early Production

1/35scale Multi-Material Kit : ティーガーI 初期生産型 TIGER I Ausf.E Early Production


49,500円 (本体 45,000円、税 4,500円)

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