1/12scale Proportion Kit : F2003-GA

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1/12scale F2003GA用スポンサーデカールの一部を、別解釈でデザインし直しましたので、2024年3月までの出荷分のキットをご購入いただいたお客様には無料でお送りいたします。

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A portion of the sponsor decals has been redesigned for the 1/12scale F2003GA and can be sent out free of charge for customers who purchase kits for shipments through March 2024.
For any customers interested, please contact us here.

(In "Name of product to be reserved" field please type "1/12scale F2003GA sponsor decal".)

(Additional decals are included with kits shipped after April 2024.)

[ F2003-GAについて -About the F2003-GA- ]


M.Schumacher joined the Ferrari F1 team in 1996, and with technical director R.Brawn and machine designer R.Byrne joining the following year Ferrari began their comeback into the sport. Thanks to the efforts of the three members the team was able to win the Constructor's Championship in 1999, and further allowed them to take Driver's Championship in the following year of 2000. Schumacher and the team managed to take both titles in the next two years, and in the following year of 2003 the team would enter the F2003-GA for the season.
The F2003-GA was named in honour of G. Agnelli – the head of Fiat that had passed away earlier in the same year. The car had a greater focus on aerodynamic effects, which made its performance much more irregular compared to the previous 2002 model. It debuted during the 5th race of the season in Spain, and while Schumacher was able to win both in Spain and in the following race in Austria, the Williams and Renault team were able to pick up victories during the summer races of the season. Feeling the pressure from the other teams, the Ferrari team bought along a large amount of Bridgestone tyres to test at the home race at Monza and did extensive test runs to further improve the car for the race.
As a result, Schumacher was victorious at the Italian GP and in the following US GP. It was an incredibly close battle for the driver's title that year, but thanks to assistance from the second driver R.Barrichello, Schumacher was able to take his fourth Driver's Championship in a row.

[ キット概要 -Kit Details- ]


- based on the version of the F2003-GA that raced at Rd.14 Italian GP, where M.Schumacher took one of the victories that aided him towards the driver's title. Schumacher was able to complete the race with an average race speed of 247.585km/h, a record that still stands today (as of 2023) .
- a multi-material kit featuring white metal parts, resin parts, photoetch, turned parts, rubber tires, and silk screen decals.
- a proportion kit that omits certain interior detail resulting in a smaller amount of parts, allowing for quicker completion of the kit.
- aluminum turned parts used for wheel rims, and laser lithography parts used for muffler ends.

[ パーツ・リスト -Parts List- ]

●K833 - 1/12scale Proportion Kit : F2003-GA
 2003 Rd.14 Italian GP

[ 2024年1月発売 / January 2024 released ]

1/12scale Proportion Kit : F2003-GA


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