1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : 256F1

[ 256F1について -About the 256F1- ]

1958年に変更されるエンジンに関するF1レギュレーションに対応するため、フェラーリ・チームはF1用新型V6エンジンを開発します。このエンジンは、1956年に他界したエンツォ・フェラーリの息子、アルフレード"Dino"・フェラーリが携わったF2エンジンを起源としており、その事にちなんでDino 246と名付けられました。

In 1958 the Ferrari team developed a new V6 engine for F1 in order to comply with new F1 engine regulations. The engine developed was based on an idea for a F2 engine by Enzo Ferrari's late son, Alfred “Dino” Ferrari, and was named Dino 246 in an aptly fashion.
The Dino 246 was used on the 246F1 and raced for the Ferrari team in 1958. While equipped with a strong, brand new engine the car continued to use old designs in other areas such as having a front-end engine, spoke wheels and drum brakes. Mike Hawthorn only placed first with the 246F1 in one race the entire season, but he managed to beat Stirling Moss by one point to take championship for the year.
The Ferrari team would take the 246 engine and increase the displacement to the limit set by regulations, giving birth to the Dino 256 used by the 256F1. The 256F1 was also a front-end engine car, but was equipped with disk brakes. In 1960 the wheelbase was also increased. While the 256F1 started racing in 1959, it had a hard time fighting against the rivaling mid-ship engine cars. However in the 1960 season it managed to take a 1-2-3 finish on home grounds at the Italian GP. This victory marked the last front engine car win in F1, and Ferrari would also move on to a mid-ship car, the 156F1 “Sharknose” the following year.

[ キット概要 -Kit Details- ]

■1960年イタリアGPにて Phill Hillが優勝し、さらにフェラーリ1-2-3フィニッシュをも飾った仕様をキット化しました。
・大きなサイズの完成写真は こちら

- based on the version that raced at the Italian GP in 1960, where Phil Hill took first place and Ferrari managed a 1-2-3 finish.
- A full detailed, multi-material kit featuring white metal, resin, etching, turned metal parts, rubber tires, silk screen decals and various cords allowing for maximum representation of the original vehicle.
- aluminum turned parts used for wheel rim, wheel shaft and engine funnels.
- front bonnet can be removed, allowing full view of the detailed interior after completion.
- laser lithography used for body rivet parts and muffler ends.
・more pictures are here

[ パーツ・リスト -Parts List- ]

●K798 - Fulldetail Kit : 256F1
1960 Rd.9 Italian GP
 Winner #20 Phill Hill
 2nd #18 Richie Ginther
 3rd #16 Willy Mairesse

[ 2021年9月発売 / September 2021 Released / 2023年4月価格改定 ]

1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : 256F1


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