1/43scale Multi-Material Kit : 156/85

[ 156/85について -About the 156/85- ]


Having lost the F1 title in the previous season with the 126C4, the works team's entry for the 1985 season was the 156/85. Designed by Mauro Forghier and Harvey Postlethwaite, the 156/85 came equipped with an improved V6 turbo engine and a brand new body. The name 156/85 was to separate it from the previous 126 models, with hopes to revive the team fame under a brand new model name. The 156/85 managed to grasp victory at the Canadian and German GP under the hands of driver M. Alboreto., and while the car only managed to gain second place in both drivers and constructors championship, the 156/85 marked the beginning of the team`s revival in the F1 scene.

[ キット概要 -Kit Details- ]

■弊社刊 "Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO No.22 : Ferrai 156/85, F186 1985-86"も、是非お手元に置いてキット製作の資料としてご利用ください。

- a full detailed, multi-material kit featuring white metal, etching, metal turned parts, rubber tires and decals allowing for maximum representation of the original vehicle.
- 3 variations available: one based on the version used in the beginning of the season, and one based on the latter half of the season with various changes to the interior/exterior design.
- rear cowl can be removed, allowing full view of the detailed interior after completion.
- for more reference on the 156/85, we suggest buying the book Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO No.22 : Ferrai 156/85, F186 1985-86 (sold under MFH) along with this kit.

[ バリエーション -Variations- ]

●K752 - Ver.A : 1985 Rd.5 Canadian GP #27 M.Alboreto / #28 S.Johansson
1/43 156_85 verA
- based on the early version used in the 1985 season where M.Alboreto and S. Johansson completed with a 1-2 finish at the Canadian GP.

●K753 - Ver.B :1985 Rd.12 Italian GP #27 M.Alboreto / #28 S.Johansson
1/43 156_85 verB
- based on the late version used in the 1985 season where various changes were made to the rear cowl, front/rear suspensions, side pontoons and the interior of the pontoons etc. Different rear wing and diffuser designs used at the Italian GP also included in kit.

●K754 - Ver.C : 1985 Rd.2 Portuguese GP #27 M.Alboreto / #28 S.Johansson
1/43 156_85 verC
-based on the version that raced at the Portuguese GP where M.Alboreto placed 2nd. Includes rain tires and a different front wing designed compared to version A and B.

[ 2020年9月発売 / September 2020 released ]

1/43scale Multi-Material Kit : 156/85


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