1/9scale Fulldetail Kit : 750 Imola Racer 1972

[ 750 Imola Racer 1972について -About the 750 Imola Racer 1972- ]


In order to meet the demands of the US market, Ducati began development of large displacement/2-cyclinder engines in the late 1960. Fabio Taglioni, designer of the famous desmodromic system used in Ducati engines, went on to designed a L-twin (90 degrees V-twin) engine which was first revealed at the 1970 Milano Show. In 1971, a 500cc racer bearing this engine was entered into Grand Prix events, but it was no match for MV Agusta and their rider G. Agostini.
While the 500cc failed to impress, Ducati also developed a 750cc racer at the same time. These 750cc bikes were to be entered in the first ever Imola 200 mile race in 1972. It would be at this race that Ducati would make a name for itself, as the 750cc racer managed to beat out it rivals and claimed victory with a 1-2 finish. It was a historical win that would touch the hearts of many as it was the first big race that Ducati had ever won, and when winning drivers Paul Smart and 2nd place Bruno Spaggiari returned to the Ducati headquarters in Bologna they were greeted by a lively crowd. In commemoration of the victory, replicas of the 750ss (the Ducati 750 Super Sport) began public sales in 1974.

[ キット概要 -Kit Details- ]

■優勝した#16 ポール・スマート車と、2位に入ったファクトリーライダー #9 ブルーノ・スパッジアーリ車の仕様を選択できます。

– a 1/9 scale kit based on the Ducati’s first 750cc L-twin racer that claimed victory at the first ever Imola 200 race in 1972.
– contains parts to build either first place Paul Smart’s #16 bike or 2nd place Bruno Spaggiari’s #9 bike.
– a full detailed, multi-material kit featuring white metal, resin, etching, metal turned parts, rubber tires, decals and various cords allowing for maximum representation of the original vehicle.
– aluminum turned parts used for wheel rim, front suspension, and engine funnels. Semi-transparent FRP coloured resin used for tank, and seat, grip and tires made of rubber for a realistic look.
– moveable bike chain built from a combination of etching and metal parts.
– spokes made from stainless pipe, paired together with metal rim and nipples for a realistic representation
1/9scale Fulldetail Kit : 750 Imola Racer 1972 1/9scale Fulldetail Kit : 750 Imola Racer 1972 1/9scale Fulldetail Kit : 750 Imola Racer 1972 1/9scale Fulldetail Kit : 750 Imola Racer 1972 1/9scale Fulldetail Kit : 750 Imola Racer 1972

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●K743 – 1/9scale Fulldetail Kit : 750 Imola Racer 1972
1972 Imola 200 mile Winner #16 Paul Smart / 2nd #9 Bruno Spaggiari

[ 2020年6月発売 / June 2020 released ]

1/9scale Fulldetail Kit : 750 Imola Racer 1972


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