1/43scale Multi-Material Kit : 917K [1971]

[ 917K [1971] について -About the 917K [1971]- ]

The 917 was first debuted in the prototype sports car race in 1969, and was upgraded when Works asked John Wyer Automotive Engineering to enhance the machine's aerodynamics aspect. Thus the short-tail version of 917K was debuted. In the 1970 season the 917K conquered most of the endurance races and won the international makers championship and the overall champion in the 24-hour race held at Circuit de la Sarthe.
With the 917K's overwhelming success the machine was further refined in preparation for the next season: vertical fins installed at the rear cowl, induction pots were placed on the engine cover, and various other modifications on the outlook were attempted by different teams. Continuing the previous year's success, the 917K claimed victory at Le Mans once again, and dominated the competition in the 1971 season.

[ キット概要 -Kit Details- ]

- a full detailed, multi-material kit featuring white metal, resin, photo etching, silk screen decals, vacuum parts, turned metal parts etc.
- design based off 1/12 scale kit designed with simpler building scheme in mind without losing focus on preservation of detail
- front bonnet/rear cowl can be removed, allowing full view of the detailed interior after completion.
- The interior frame of the body will be made of Laser Lithography unibody parts.
- Includes driver figure on seat.

  • 1/43 917K 70
  • 1/43 917K 70
  • 1/43 917K 70

[ バリエーション -Variations- ]

1/43 917K 71 verA K612 - Ver.A : 1971 LM 24hours Winner [Martini International Racing Team] #22 H.Marko / G.Lennep

・1971年の LM 24hours Raceにおいて圧勝したマルティニ・チームのマシンをモデル化。前年型からフロントカウル上部のルーバー数が増え、リアカウルに垂直フィンが設けられた仕様をモデル化しました。
- based on the 1971 Le Mans 24 hour race winning entry from the Martini team. Features a front cowl with different louver slits compared to the previous season, plus vertical fins that sit on the back of the rear cowl.

1/43 917K 70 verB K613 - Ver.B : [John Wyer Autimotive Engineering]
1971 LM 24hours #19 R.Attwood / H.Muller / 1971 Monza 1,000km #1 J.Siffert / D.Bell #2 P.Rodriguez / J.Oliver

・1971年のLM 24hoursとMonza 1,000km に出走したJohn Wyer Autimotive Engineeringチームのガルフ・カラーマシンをキット化しました。フロントボンネット・カバー形状が他のチームの同マシンとは異なる仕様。
- based on the 1971 Le Mans 24 hour race/Monza 1000km entry from John Wyer Automotive Engineering. Features a different front bonnet than cars from other teams.

1/43 917K 70 verC K614 - Ver.C : 1971 Monza 1,000km [Martini International Racing Team] #3 V.Elford/G.Larrousse #4 H.Marko / G.Lennep

・1971 Monza 1,000kmに出場した、シルバーカラーのマルティニ・マシン。リアエンジンカバーにツイン・インダクションダクトが設けられたタイプをモデル化しました。
- based on the silver Martini that raced in 1971 Monza 1000km. Version includes twin induction duct cover that sits on rear engine cover.

1/43 917K 70 verD K615 - Ver.D : 1971 Brands Hatch 1,000km [Martini International Racing Team] #8 V.Elford / B.Redman #9 G.Lennep / G.Larrousse

- based on the silver Martini that raced at Brands Hatch 1,000km. Features a fin-less rear cowl akin to the 1970 design and twin induction pod covers that sits on the engine cover.

1/43 917K 70 verE K616 - Ver.E : 1971 Austrian 1,000km (Österreichring) [Martini International Racing Team] #28 H.Marko/G.Larrousse

・1971Austrian 1,000kmに出場したホワイトカラーのマルティニ・マシン。
- based on the white Martini that raced at Austrian 1,000km.

[ 2017年9月発売 / September 2017 released ]

1/43scale Multi-Material Kit : 917K [1971]


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バリエーション -Variations-



Ver.A : K612


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