1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : 412P

[ 412Pについて -About the 412P- ]


After the 330P3 suffered a defeat from the rivaling Ford GT40 in 1966, the Ferrari team decided on replacing the P3 with the 330P4 for the upcoming year of 1967. In the same year, the 412P was built by the manufacturers for independent teams to backup the 330P4. The 412P featured the same engine with a modified chassis of the 330P3. The body resembled the design of the P4. The 412P managed podium finishes in both Spa 1000km and 24 Hour of Daytona under the hands of independent teams.

[ キット概要 -Kit Details- ]

■ホワイトメタル、ウレタン樹脂、金属挽き物、エッチングパーツ、塩ビバキューム、ゴムタイヤ、デカール、各種コード類を使用したマルチ・マテリアル・キット。 ■ホイールリム、ダンパー、ファンネル、マフラーエンド、ホイールシャフト/ロックナットはアルミ挽き物製。 ■メーターリム、ライトリム等はホワイトメタルにメッキ加工済み。 ■フロントカウルは着脱可能、リアカウル・ドアは開閉が可能で、完成後も内部構造を見ることができます。 ■ヘッドライトレンズはクリア樹脂製で、ガラス面モールドも再現。 ■ゴム製タイヤはメーカーロゴ印刷済み。 ■3チームで活躍した3台の412Pをバージョンとしてご用意しました。また、1967年後半戦であるルマンで使用された異なる仕様のギアボックスも前半戦仕様と共にパーツ化しました。

– a full detailed, multi-material kit featuring white metal, resin, etching, metal plated parts, vacuum parts, rubber tires, decals and various cords allowing for maximum representation of the original vehicle. – aluminum plated parts used for wheel rim, damper, engine funnel, muffler ends, wheel shaft and lock nut. – front cowl can be removed, rear cowl and doors can be opened and closed allowing full view of the detailed interior after completion. – clear resin used for headlight lens, allowing for the mold to closely imitate those of the actual vehicle. – pre-printed sponsor logos featured on tires

[ バリエーション -Variations- ]

●K562 - Ver.A : Maranello Concessionaires 1967 Spa 1000km #10 R.Attwood / L.Bianchi 1967 LM #23 R.Attwood / P.Courage
・シャシーナンバー0854号車のSpa 1000kmにおいて3位に入った仕様及びその年のルマン、2レースでの仕様をモデル化しました。
– based on the car with chassis number 0854 that placed 3rd in Spa 1000km and the version used in the 2nd race of the Le Mans of 1967.
– parts reflecting different wheels used in the two races both provided in kit
1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : 412P

●K563 - Ver.B : Scuderia Filipinetti 1967 Targa Florio #220 H.Muller / J.Guichet 1967 LM #22 H.Muller / J.Guichet
– based on the car with chassis number 0848 used in the 2nd race.
1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : 412P

●K564 - Ver.C : North American Racing Team 1967 Daytona 24hours #26 P.Rodriguez / J.Guichet 1967 Monza 1000km #9 P.Rodriguez / J.Guichet 1967 LM #25 P.Rodriguez / G.Baghetti
– based on the car with chassis number 0844 used in the 3rd race. Ferrari managed to dominate all positions on the podium for the 24 Hour of Daytona of this year, and car number 26 that placed third in this race is also included as a variation in this kit.
– parts reflecting different wheels used between races both provided in kit
1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : 412P

[ 412Pの参考資料に - Looking for reference material on the 412P?- ]

- Our company also sells two pictorial books on the 412P: both contain many rare photographs (taken by the photographer Joe Honda) of the 330P4 and the 412P in action during its glory days. We highly recommend using these two books as reference for when you work on this kit.

[ パーツ・リスト -Parts List- ]

1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : 412P


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バリエーション -Variations-



K562 - Ver.A



K563 - Ver.B



K564 - Ver.C


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