1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : 126C4/C4M/C4M2

[ キット概要 -Kit Details- ]

* [デカールを貼る際の注意] 画像をUPしました。組立ての際、参照願います。

- This kit is a multi-material kit consists of the following materials: Lathe-cutting aluminum wheels, Photo etch sheet, silk-screen, high quality white metals.
- The most eye-catching point of this kit, after finished, is the 660 horse-power Tipo031 V6 Turbo engine will be shown in details as there is not covering by any part of the cowl.
- The late 80’s F1 machine outline characteristics: arrow shape, coke-bottle line were able to be found from 126C4, and three different versions are available to show the evolution process.
- The rubber tyres are already printed with the white logos to save your time and less trouble to attach the decals, the paint is specially blended and not easy to be scratched or broken.
* [Instructions for Decal] is uploaded.For customers please refer to this uploaded image for the assembly instructions.

  • 1/12 126C4/C4M/C4M2
  • 1/12 126C4/C4M/C4M2
  • 1/12 126C4/C4M/C4M2

[ バリエーション -Variations- ]

●K469 - Ver.A : 126C4 [ 1984 Rd.3 Belgian GP / Rd.4 San Marino GP ]
- Raced the starting round of the 1984 season, M. Alboreto won the Belgian GP with pole position start.
- This version emphasises the Arrow shape body and the huge rear wing.
1/12scale :126C4/C4M/C4M2 Ver.A 1/12scale :126C4/C4M/C4M2 Ver.A

●K470 - Ver.B : 126C4M [1984 Rd.10 British GP ]
- This version (126C4M) is based on the mid-season specification, which the radiator had been placed horizontally, and shape of the side potoon had also been modified.
1/12scale :126C4/C4M/C4M2 Ver.B 1/12scale :126C4/C4M/C4M2 Ver.B

●K471 - Ver.C : 126C4M2 [ 1984 Rd.15 European GP / Rd.16 Portuguese GP ]
・シーズン終盤に、後端を絞り込んだコークボトルライン・ボディとディフューザーを導入して空力を改善した”126C4M2”を立体化。翌年のマシン、156/85へと続くボディフォルムが見てとれます。 そのC4M2のデビュー戦、アルボレートが2位を獲得したヨーロッパGP仕様を再現しました。
- This version (126C4M2) is based on the late-season Europe GP, which the machine finished at 2nd position.
- This version contains the “coke bottle line” body, and the implementation of the diffuser. This is succeeded by the next machine, the 156/85.
1/12scale :126C4/C4M/C4M2 Ver.C 1/12scale :126C4/C4M/C4M2 Ver.C

1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : 126C4/C4M/C4M2


70,950円 (本体 64,500円、税 6,450円)

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バリエーション -Variations-



K469 - Ver.A : 126C4


K470 - Ver.B : 126C4M


K471 - Ver.C : 126C4M2


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