1/43scale Multi-Material Kit : 312PB

[ キット概要 -Kit Details- ]


- The 312PB had been raced in the endurance race in the early '70s. The open body prototype racing machine is coming in 1/43 scale kit from MFH.
- The 312PB, which debuted in 1971, had been upgraded with many improved parts like the power of engine was upgraded, the gear box was separated, chassis was strengthened, the fuel tank was also separated, and the cowl shape was also changed thanks to the low-profilization of the tyres. Also by strengthening the team management, The won all races that the team raced at that season, except the 24-hour race at Circuit de la Sarthe because the team didn't entry that race.
- This kit is based on the configuration of '72 endurance race and '73 Circuit de la Sarthe 24-hour race. The kit perfectly reproduce the classical shape of the cowl, from the straight-cut like front fender to the little rose rear wing, and the square body end, in the tiny but detailed 1/43 scale model.
Please enjoy the difference between the '73 model and the others, through the driving lamp at the nose section, and the rear fender and more. The fabric seals which can be commonly found in the racing machines at that era, will be in the form of fabric pattern decal sheet and is included in this kit.

[ バリエーション -Variations- ]

●K430 - Ver.A :
1972 Rd.7 Targa Florio #3 A.Merzario / S.Munari
Rd.5 Monza #1 J.Ickx / C.Regazzoni #2 R.Peterson / T.Schenken #3 B.Redman / A.Merzario
Rd.6 Spa #1 J.Ickx / C.Regazzoni #2 R.Peterson / T.Schenken #3 B.Redman / A.Merzario Rd.8 Nurburgring #1 J.Ickx / C.Regazzoni #2 B.Redman / A.Merzario #3 R.Peterson / T.Schenken
Rd.10 Austria 1000 km #1 J.Ickx / B.Redman #2 R.Peterson / T.Schenken #3 C.Pace / H.Marko #4 A.Merzario / S.Munari

72年の耐久レースでは常勝を極め、第5戦モンツァ1000kmではJ.イクス/C.レガツォーニの#1が優勝、R.ピーターソン/T.シェンケンの#2がポールポジションから3位に入賞しました。 続く6戦スパ1000kmではB.レッドマン/A.メルツァリオの#3とJ.イクス/C.レガツォーニの#1(PP)の1-2フィニッシュ、第8戦ニュルブルクリンク1000kmでもR.ペテルソン/T.シェンケンの#3がポール・トゥ・フィニッシュ、A.メルツァリオ/B.レッドマンの#2が2位と、こちらも1-2で勝利を収めました。
また1台のみで出走した第7戦タルガフローリオでもA.メルツァリオ/S.ムナーリのコンビがポール・トゥ・フィニッシュで勝利を飾っています。 モデルではタルガフローリオ特有のボディサイドに膨らんだスペアタイヤカバーのディテールも再現。モンツァをはじめ、ドラッグレスセッティングの低い位置にマウントされたリアウイングが特徴です。

The #1 car, J. Icxx and C. Regazzoni, the champion from the '72 endurance race, also won at Round 5 the Monza 1000KM race. #2 car R.Peterson / T.Schenken which started at the pole position, took the third place in Monza.
At round 6 the Spa 1000KM, #3 B.Redman / A.Merzario won and #1 J.Ickx / C.Regazzoni followed in second position.
Round 8 Nurburgring 1000KM, #3 R.Peterson / T.Schenken started from pole position and kept the leadership beyond the finish line, #2 B.Redman / A.Merzario followed them. Round 10 Austria 100KM, #1 J.Ickx / B.Redman, #3 C.Pace / H.Marko, #2 R.Peterson / T.Schenken, #4 A.Merzario / S.Munari finished the race in the sequence.
And the round 7 Targa Florio, #3 A.Merzario / S.Munari combination won the race from pole to finish.
The bumped spare tyre cover is included in this version for Targa Florio specification. Starting from Monza, the rear wing was mounted on the position below the the dragless setting.

●K431 - Ver.B :
1973 Rd.8 Sarthe 24hours #15 J.Ickx / B.Redman #16 A.Merzario / C.Pace #17 T.Schenken / C.Reutemann


In the '73 Sarthe 24 hour race, #16 A.Merzario / C.Pace won the pole position, however, they cannot keep the lead and the Matra just passed them a little bit. They finished at 2nd position.
This version added the driving lamp at the nose section, the cockpit cowl was semi-separated starting from that time. The type brand was switched to GoodYear in this year. The front mask and the rear wing, etc, was all covered by those classic style logo that were so familiar.

●K432 - Ver.C :
1972 Rd.11 Watkins Glen #85 M.Andretti / J.Ickx #86 R.Peterson / T.SCHENKEN #87 B.Redman / A.Merzario


At the last race of '72 season, the 6 hours of Watkins Glen race, desprite the large gap (over 3 positions for 10 laps) between #85 M.Andretti / J.Ickx and #86 R.Peterson / T.SCHENKEN, but finally they performed 1-2 finish to end the season.
This version contains the rear wing that installed during the race to fit the high speed course with huge height difference.

1/43scale Multi-Material Kit : 312PB


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K430 - Ver.A



K431 - Ver.B



K432 - Ver.C


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