1/12scale Propotion Kit : McLaren MP4-23

[ キット概要 -Kit Details- ]

■2008年シーズンのF1グランプリを戦い、最終戦で劇的なドライバーチャンピオンを勝ち取ったメモリアルマシン、McLaren MP4-23を1/12のビッグスケールでモデル化しました。
■MP4-23のシルバーボディにマッチする水性シルバーカラーセット [ MH-C-704 : ¥4,800-(+税) ]を同時発売します。MFHミラーシルバーとMFHミラーシルバー専用のMFHクリヤー2本ずつ、計4本セット。本キットを塗装するには2本ずつの量が必要ですので、4本セットとなっております。

- The machine that raced 2008 F1 season and helped the driver dramatically won the drivers’ champion in the last round.
- Body is made of resin, and other parts are made of white metals and photo etch parts.
- We have put effort on reducing the parts but not the details, and making this proportion kit easier to assemble.
- The are dynamics parts, especially the wings, are updating in every round. For this kit, we prepared Monaco GP and Brazil GP versions for you to choose.
- To reproduce the texture of the suspension arm, the kit is coming with carbon fibre textured decal sheets.
- All four wheel rims are made of aluminum.
– The picture of "Making of 1/12scale Propotion Kit : McLaren MP4-23" is here.
- Special water solvable silver color exclusive for MP4/23 will be on sale together when the kit is out!
The MP4/23 silver colour set (MFH MIRROR SILVERx2 and MFH CLEARx2 : Price 4,800yen[+Tax]) will be on sale at the same time, the perfect match to your MP4-23 kit.

[ バリエーション -Variations- ]

●K407 - Ver.A : 2008 Rd.6 Monaco GP #22 L.Hamilton / #23 H.Kovalainen
- This version is based on Monaco GP, the GP race that L.Hamilton won after the season start.

●K408 - Ver.B : 2008 Rd.18 Brazilian GP #22 L.Hamilton / #23 H.Kovalainen
- This version is based on the Brazilian GP, which L.Hamilton raced with F. Massa (Ferrari) and Hamilton won the year drivers’ champion with just 1 point more than Massa.

1/12scale Propotion Kit : McLaren MP4-23


51,700円 (本体 47,000円、税 4,700円)

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バリエーション -Variations-



K407 - Ver.A : 2008 Monaco GP



K408 - Ver.B : 2008 Brazilian GP


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