1/43scale Multi-Material Kit : BT52/BT52B

[ キット概要 -Kit Details- ]


- In 1983, the F1 administration put all "ground effect" cars had been frobidden to race the season onwards. Nelson Piquet had a great fight with Alain Prost from Renault. Piquet won the champion eventually, and that was the 2nd world champion that Piquet had been conquered. This kit is based on BT52/BT52B that driven by Piquet in that season. To achieve the balance of the high level of precise detail, and the ease to assemble is the objective of this 1/43 kit.
- The main parts of the kit is made of white metal, together with aluminum wheels, photo etching, rubber tires, piping and decal sheets.
- You can enjoy the state-of-the-art details that can compete with the 1/20 scale kits.

[ バリエーション -Variations- ]

●K384 - Ver.A [BT52 : 1983 Rd.1 Brazilian GP/ Rd.2 U.S. West GP]

●K385 - Ver.B [BT52 : 1983 Rd.5 Monaco GP / Rd.6 Belgian GP / Rd.7 U.S. East GP]
・ウイングのカラーリングやリアウイング・リアカウル等が変更になったMonaco - U.S. East GP仕様を立体化。

●K386 - Ver.C [BT52B : 1983 Rd.13 Italian GP / Rd.14 European GP / Rd.15 South African GP]
- Starting from Round 9 the British GP, small details had been changed and in order to have better aero dynamics design, BT52 had been upgraded to BT52B and the colouring of navy blue and white were completely reversed.

1/43scale Multi-Material Kit : BT52/BT52B


14,300円 (本体 13,000円、税 1,300円)





K384 - Ver.A [BT52]



K385 - Ver.B [BT52]



K386 - Ver.C [BT52B]


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