1/43scale Multi-Material Kit : 962C [Late type]

[ キット詳細 -Kit Details- ]

■Sarthe 24hoursレースにおいて一時代を築いた962C、その後期タイプが1/43スケールシリーズに加わります。

■The legendary 962C from the Sarthe 24hours race, the late type now available in 1/43 scale from MFH!
■To achieve the balance of the high level of precise detail, and the ease to assemble is the objective of this 1/43 full detail kit.
The main parts of the kit is made of white metal, together with aluminum wheels, photo etching, rubber tires, piping and decal sheets.
■You can enjoy the state-of-the-art details that can compete with the 1/24 scale kits.
■The 1988 Works machine is different from the previous model in the shape of the body cowl, and improvements at the exhaust pipe and around the engine and more. This kit is based on the late type from Works.

[ バリエーション -Variations- ]

●K381 [ Ver.A : 1988 Sarthe 24hours #17 #18 #19]
- 1988年ワークスとして24時間レースに挑んだチームはCarNo.17が2位に入りました。シェルカラーを纏った、この962Cとして最後のワークス参戦となったモデルを立体化。
- This version is based on the Car No. 17 which painted in "Shell" colouring and as the last 962C from Works in the 1988 "24-hour race" and finished in 2nd place.

●K382 [ Ver.B : 1989 Sarthe 24hours #17]
-ワークスに代わりBrun Motorsportチームから1989年24時間レースに参戦した鮮やかなレプソル・カラーの962Cをモデル化。
- Brun Motorsport replaced Works raced the 1989 "24-hour race". This version is painted in "Repsol" colouring.

●K383 [ Ver.C : 1989 Sarthe 24hours #9]
- 1989年Joest racingチームから24時間レースに参戦した9番車は、一時首位を走り最終的に3位に入る活躍を見せました。日本のスポンサーによる鮮やかなピンク色を纏った印象的なこの一台を立体化しました。
- The Car No. 9 from Joset racing was once in the leading position and finally finished in 3rd place. It is well-known in Japan because of its Japanese sponsor and the remarkable pink colouring.

1/43scale Multi-Material Kit : 962C [Late type]


16,500円 (本体 15,000円、税 1,500円)





K381 - Ver.A



K382 - Ver.B



K383 - Ver.C


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