1/43scale Multi-Material Kit : LOTUS TYPE 97T

[ - お知らせ Notice - June 20, 2024 ]


Due to the recent price hike of materials, we have revised our prices.
We appreciate your understanding of the unavoidable circumstances.

[ キット概要 -Kit Details- ]


- To achieve the balance of the high level of precise detail, and the ease to assemble is the objective of this 1/43 full detail kit.
- The main parts of the kit is made of white metal, together with aluminum wheels, photo etching, rubber tires, piping and decal sheets.
- You can enjoy the state-of-the-art details that can compete with the 1/20 scale kits.

[ バリエーション -Variations- ]

1/43scale : LOTUS TYPE97T
●K356 - Ver.A :1985 Rd.2 Portuguese GP
- The remarkable first champion that A. Senna won in the Portuguese GP.
- Rain tire version.

1/43scale : LOTUS TYPE97T
●K357 - Ver.B : 1985 Rd.13 Belgian GP
- Starting with wet condition, A. Senna won the 2nd champion in this GP.
- The rear wing of the late type are included.
- Slick tire version.

[ 2024年6月価格改定 ]

1/43scale Multi-Material Kit : LOTUS TYPE 97T


17,600円 (本体 16,000円、税 1,600円)

購入数: pcs

バリエーション -Variations-



K356 LOTUS TYPE 97T[ Ver.A :1985 Rd.2 Portuguese GP]



K357 LOTUS TYPE 97T[ Ver.B :1985 Rd.13 Belgian GP]


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