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2015/4 01

Micro minus screws / Odd shape minus screw

Now on sale Tiny screws that can be used in various ways.

2015/3 24

1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : Ferrari 126C4/C4M/C4M2

Now on sale [ Resale August 2018 ] 2018.07.12 New image(s) have been uploaded for viewing. ■This 1/12 scale kit is based on the watershed machine that is important to the Ferrari F1 design, the Ferrari 126C4.

2015/1 12

1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : P956 [Short tail]

Now on Sale 2015.01.16 New Photos have been uploaded The Group C Car, P956 short tail version, now available in the 1/12 big scale from MFH, in full detail!

2014/12 04

1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : BT46/46B

Out of stock 2019.12.04 New image(s) have been uploaded for viewing.

2014/11 17

1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : P956

Now on sale 2014.11.17 Photos of the finished test shots are uploaded. The first Group C car in MFH 1/12 scale products, the P956 is now available in 1/12 scale kit!!

2014/8 20

1/43scale Multi-Material Kit : LOTUS TYPE 98T

Now on sale 2014.08.20 Photos of prototype of metal parts uploaded ■The machine which raced with the 1986 F1 champion A. Senna, Lotus Type 98T, will be available in 1/43 scale from MFH.

2014/8 12

1/24scale Fulldetail Kit : 917K [1971]

Now on sale [ Ver.A/B Resale August 2018 ]

2014/7 25

Metal mesh hose

Now on sale

2014/7 17

1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : Ferrari 126C2

Now on sale 2019.11.08 New image(s) have been uploaded for viewing. 2014.05.26 Making of Ferrari126C2 update!

2014/7 04

1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : LOTUS TYPE 98T

Now on sale [ Resale August 2018 ] 2018.07.12 New image(s) have been uploaded for viewing. The year is 1986. The “Ace” in the previous season, de Angelis left the team, making A. Senna the No. 1 drivers from every aspect. The machine driven by Senna in the 1986 season, LOTUS TYPE 98T will be …

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2014/3 13

1/12scale Multi-Material Kit : Ferrari F2008

Now on sale 2014.03.18 Instruction manual uploaded. ■The machine that fought with the McLaren until the last round in 2008 F1 Season, F2008, is now available in big scale of 1/12 scale model from MFH.

2014/3 13

1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : LOTUS TYPE79 [1979]

Now on sale First Production 100 kits Only!! (This kit will not be reproduced) 2014.03.14 Photos of body cowl uploaded. ■The LOTUS79, which had a tremendous success in the 1978 race season, raced together with the new model LOTUS80 in the next season. The early type will be in 1/12 scale full detail kit from …

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2014/2 24

1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : MS120

Now on sale 2013.12.14 Body Prototype photos uploaded ■This 1/20 scale full detail kit is based on the MS120 from MATRA, raced the F1 Grand Prix in 1970.

2014/2 24

1/43scale Multi-Material Kit : BRM H-16

Now on sale 2014.02.20 Manual images uploaded。 ■The H-16(P83) engine, which had a vertical 8-cylinder 2-stack engine structure is the first in the F1 history. BRM H-16 was run in the 1967 F1 season and now comes in 1/43 scale from MFH.

2014/2 23

1/12scale Multi-Material Kit : McLaren MP4-23

Now on sale 2013.12.08 The photos of the exclusive paint for MP4-23, MFH Mirage Silver, are uploaded. The machine that raced 2008 F1 season and helped the driver dramatically won the drivers’ champion in the last round, McLaren MP4-23, is coming in 1/12 large scale model later this year!