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1/12, 1/20, 1/24, 1/43 スケール

2017/2 16

1/24scale Fulldetail Kit : 917/20 “Pink Pig”

Resale March 2017 : Now on sale

2017/1 26

1/24scale Multi-Material Kit : Ferrari 330LMB

Resale January 2017 : Now on sale

2016/10 12

1/24scale Multi-Material Kit : Ferrari 250 GT Lusso

Now on sale

2016/10 10

1/24scale Multi-Material Kit : Ferrari 250SWB

Now on sale

2016/10 09

1/24scale Multi-Material Kit : Ferrari 250TDF

Now on sale

2015/6 11

1/24scale Fulldetail Kit : 917/30 Ver.D / E [Limited model]

Now on Sale Limited Production with Limited Quantities. Please pre-order to secure your kit! The 917 series was debuted in the 1960s, and there was a Can-Am specialized version 917/10. This kit is based on the succeeding version, the 917/30. This kit is in addition to the three existing version of our previous kit 1/24 …

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2015/6 10

1/24scale Fulldetail Kit : 908/3 ’70 Ver.D [Limited model]

Now on Sale 2015.06.20 New Images have been uploaded. Limited Production with Limited Quantities. Please pre-order to secure your kit! Based on 980/02, which debuted together with the regulations changed in the Sports Car Group 6 in 1969, the light-weighted model of 908 family, the 908/3, has been developed to be raced like the Targa …

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2015/6 01

1/24scale Fulldetail Kit : Tipo33 STRADALE

July 2015 Limited stock are all sold out. Thank you for your support!

2014/8 12

1/24scale Fulldetail Kit : 917K [1971]

Now on sale 2014.08.12 Decal sheet images uploaded. ■The 917 was debuted in the 1969 prototype car race season, and modified by the John Wyer Automotive Engineering Ltd., by improving the aerodynamics in 1970, which was requested by Works, then the 917K with the short tail was born. The 917K was so powerful and so …

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2013/11 06

1/24scale Fulldetail Kit : 917K

Now on sale 2013.10.04 Version of kits have been updated. The 917 was first debuted in the prototype sports car race in 1969, and was evolved when Works asked John Wyer Automotive Engineering for enhancing the machine’s aerodynamics aspect. The short-tail version of 917K was debuted.