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2019/6 15

1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : 250F

Now on sale [ June 2019 released ] 2019.06.15 New image(s) have been uploaded for viewing.

2019/3 18

1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : McLaren MP4/4

Now on sale [ March 2019 released ] 2019.03.19 New image(s) have been uploaded for viewing.

2016/9 22

1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : LOTUS 77 [Late Type]

Resale October 2016

2015/6 09

1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : Tipo159

Resale August 2019 2019.07.16 New image(s) have been uploaded for viewing. “1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : Tipo159” will be restocked for a limited time in limited numbers for the month of August 2019. Please place an order as soon as possible to ensure availability.

2015/1 10

1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : BT52

Limited reproduction of 30 kits are available in February 2015. K282 BT52 Brazil&US West GP Ver A 1983 Rd.1 Brazilian GP Rd.2 US West GP K283 BT52 Monaco GP Belgian GP US East GP Ver B 1983 Rd.5 Monaco GP Rd.6 Belgian GP Rd.7 US East GP

2015/1 10

1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : BT52B with Test Driver Figure

Limited reproduction of 50 kits available in February 2015. K284 BT52B With Test Driver Figure 1983 Rd.13 Italian GPRd.14 European GPRd.15 South African GP #5 Nelson Piquet #6 Riccardo Patrese

2014/2 24

1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : MS120

Now on sale 2013.12.14 Body Prototype photos uploaded ■This 1/20 scale full detail kit is based on the MS120 from MATRA, raced the F1 Grand Prix in 1970.

2012/9 24

1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : MS11

Now on sale [ Resale August 2018 ] This Fulldetail kit is based on the MS11 installed with the MATRA V12 engine of the first all-French team in 1968.

2012/8 24

1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : M19

Now on sale

2012/6 20

1/20scale Fulldetail kit : M7A

Now On Sale [Kit Details] ■The team was set up by the driver himself and started to race F1 in 1966, and finally won their 1st F1 race after the team can set up for 2 driver roster with D. Hulme joined the team in 1968. This fulldetail kit is memorial to the year that …

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2012/6 11

1/20scale Fulldetail kit : HONDA RA300

[Kit Details] ■This is the full detail kit of RA300, the successor of RA273 from Honda. This is the forth year of Honda racing in the F1. ■Honda used RA273 to race the first half of the 1967 F1 Grand Prix.. RA300 is built with Lola T90 and Honda RA273E Engine, and finished at August …

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2012/2 18

1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : LOTUS Type43

[Kit Details] ■Based on the Indycar Type 38, with the adaption of BRM-H16 Engine, the Type 43 have run the 1966 Grand Prix races. This is the full detail kit set for the Type 43 racing car.

2012/2 18

1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : BRM H-16

1/20 scale BRM H-16 Fulldetail Kit The characteristics H-16 Engine, and the parts inside like the piston is becoming the full detail kit。

2012/2 18

1/20scale Fulldetail kit : Tyrrell 006 -1973-

K299 Tyrrell 006 -1973- VerA 1973 Tyrrell Rd.5 Belgian GP Rd.6 Monaoco GP #5 J.Stewart #6 F.Cavert

2012/2 18

1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : EAGLE Gurney-Weslake T1G