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2016/9 22

1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : LOTUS 77 [Late Type]

Resale October 2016

2015/6 09

1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : Tipo159

Now on sale Limited reproduction stock are available for the following kits. Please pre-order now of you want one. Thank you.

2015/1 10

1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : BT52

Limited reproduction of 30 kits are available in February 2015. K282 BT52 Brazil&US West GP Ver A 1983 Rd.1 Brazilian GP Rd.2 US West GP K283 BT52 Monaco GP Belgian GP US East GP Ver B 1983 Rd.5 Monaco GP Rd.6 Belgian GP Rd.7 US East GP

2015/1 10

1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : BT52B with Test Driver Figure

Limited reproduction of 50 kits available in February 2015. K284 BT52B With Test Driver Figure 1983 Rd.13 Italian GPRd.14 European GPRd.15 South African GP #5 Nelson Piquet #6 Riccardo Patrese

2014/2 24

1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : MS120

Now on sale 2013.12.14 Body Prototype photos uploaded ■This 1/20 scale full detail kit is based on the MS120 from MATRA, raced the F1 Grand Prix in 1970.

2012/9 24

1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : MS11

Resale August 2018 This Fulldetail kit is based on the MS11 installed with the MATRA V12 engine of the first all-French team in 1968.

2012/8 24

1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : M19

Now on sale [Kit Details] ■At the year 1970, the team lost the team driver and the owner, The M19 is the model that trying to apply technologies different from the cigar type as other teams are still using.

2012/6 20

1/20scale Fulldetail kit : M7A

Now On Sale [Kit Details] ■The team was set up by the driver himself and started to race F1 in 1966, and finally won their 1st F1 race after the team can set up for 2 driver roster with D. Hulme joined the team in 1968. This fulldetail kit is memorial to the year that …

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2012/6 11

1/20scale Fulldetail kit : HONDA RA300

[Kit Details] ■This is the full detail kit of RA300, the successor of RA273 from Honda. This is the forth year of Honda racing in the F1. ■Honda used RA273 to race the first half of the 1967 F1 Grand Prix.. RA300 is built with Lola T90 and Honda RA273E Engine, and finished at August …

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2012/2 18

1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : LOTUS Type43

[Kit Details] ■Based on the Indycar Type 38, with the adaption of BRM-H16 Engine, the Type 43 have run the 1966 Grand Prix races. This is the full detail kit set for the Type 43 racing car.

2012/2 18

1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : BRM H-16

1/20 scale BRM H-16 Fulldetail Kit The characteristics H-16 Engine, and the parts inside like the piston is becoming the full detail kit。

2012/2 18

1/20scale Fulldetail kit : Tyrrell 006 -1973-

K299 Tyrrell 006 -1973- VerA 1973 Tyrrell Rd.5 Belgian GP Rd.6 Monaoco GP #5 J.Stewart #6 F.Cavert

2012/2 18

1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : EAGLE Gurney-Weslake T1G

2012/2 18

1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : BT55

K295 BT55 Belgian/Canada/Detroit GP Ver A 1986 Rd.5 Belgian GP #7 R.Patrese Rd.6 Canadian GP Rd.7 Detroit GP #7 R.Patrese/#8 D.Warwick

2012/2 18

1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : Lotus 88 / Lotus 88B

K278 Lotus 88 Ver A 1981 Long Beach GP Argentine GP Brazil GP K279 Lotus 88B Ver B 1981 British GP #11 Elio de Angelis #12 Nigel Mansel The Lotus 88 used a special twin chassis design. The main chassis is including the monocoque, engine and gearboxes. The body cowl, sidewings, rear wings and radiator is in …

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