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2020/1 29

[Customer’s Gallery] 1/9scale MONTGOMERY BRITISH ANZANI built by Frederic Suber

2020.01.29 “Customer’s Gallery” uploaded

2019/12 07

[Customer’s Gallery] 1/24scale Tipo 33 built by George Tziafas

2019.12.07 “Customer’s Gallery” uploaded

2019/11 16

[Customer’s Gallery] 1/12scale Ferrari 512BB LM built by Benoît De Backer

2019.11.16 “Customer’s Gallery” uploaded

2019/11 15

[Customer’s Gallery] 1/20scale MS11 built by 清水哲哉氏

2019.11.15 “Customer’s Gallery” uploaded

2019/11 12

[Customer’s Gallery] 1/12scale 126C2 built by Gerardo Valdes

2019.11.12 “Customer’s Gallery” uploaded

2019/10 11

[Customer’s Gallery] 1/12scale P956 built by George Argiris

2019.10.11 “Customer’s Gallery” uploaded

2019/9 17

[Customer’s Gallery] 1/12scale Ferrari 156 Sharknose built by Mark Adams

2019.09.17 “Customer’s Gallery” uploaded

2019/9 10

[Customer’s Gallery] 1/43scale 312PB built by George Tziafas

2019.09.10 “Customer’s Gallery” uploaded

2019/9 07

[Customer’s Gallery] 1/12scale 126C2 built by Dean Collins

2019.09.07 “Customer’s Gallery” uploaded

2019/9 04

[Customer’s Gallery] 1/12scale Cobra 427 built by Noboru Taguchi

2019.09.04 “Customer’s Gallery” uploaded

2019/8 21

Noboru Watabe Figure&Diorama

Let me introduce to you the unique atmosphere of the car model and motor cycle model dioramas and figures from the Noboru Watabe. 2019.08.21 New image(s) have been uploaded for viewing.

2019/7 30

[Customer’s Gallery] 1/12scale 917/20 built by David Sorensen

2019.07.30 “Customer’s Gallery” uploaded

2019/7 29

[Customer’s Gallery] 1/20scale Lancia D50 built by Kevin Haines

2019.07.29 “Customer’s Gallery” uploaded

2019/7 10

[Customer’s Gallery] 1/9scale Vincent Black Shadow built by Scott Kilford

2019.07.10 “Customer’s Gallery” uploaded

2019/6 14

[Customer’s Gallery] 1/12scale TG184 built by Richard Watson

2019.06.14 “Customer’s Gallery” uploaded