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Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO No.23 : McLaren MP4/6, MP4/6B 1991-92

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■JOE HONDA Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO No.23
「McLaren MP4/6, MP4/6B 1991-92」

The No. 23 of “Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO” is a great pictorial review of the McLaren MP4/6 driven by Senna and Berger which upgraded the engine from V10 to the new design V12 in 1991, the third year that turbo engines had been banned.

Although Senna and MP4/6 won the first 4 champions of the season, the Renault FW14 from Williams, the strongest rival, was running smooth at the middle of the season and threatening to MP4/6 and Senna. The MP4/6 then had been evolved with the new V12 engine and improvements to the chassis. As a result, Senna won the third, and the last Drivers Championship in his life. This volume will take you in depth from the modeler’s perspective, to the MP4/6 that being improved throughout the racing season. You can find the joy in studying the changes of the side pods and the wings. Also, it definitely helps to your modeling works.

Special Feature of this volume will be including the pictures of MP4/6-9 in Honda Collection Hall. You can have a detailed photos of those cars taken by Model Factory Hiro. The proportion cut photos is photographed by Yuuji Shimizu. Also including photos of MP4/6B from 1992 Mexican GP and South African GP.

■Race included:
14 out of 16 stops including America, San Marino, Monaco, Canada, Mexico, France, England, Hungary, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Japan and Australia.
South Africa, Mexico

■Special Feature
MP4/6-9 Detail File

Release: 22 December 2012
Size: A4 variation (297mm x 232mm)
Pages: 100 Pages
No. of Photos: Colour 350 photos
Language: Japanese / with partial English translation
Price: 3,143 yen (+sales tax)
Publisher: Model Factory HIRO
2-3-8 Higashi-Hokima, Adichi-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel: (+81) 03-5851-2522 Fax: (+81) 03-2821-2524

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