2012/11 16

MAKING 13 : 1/700scale Ultimate Kit Btttleship YAMATO

Making of 1/700scale Ultimate Kit YAMATO, this update is assembling the bridge and chimney.

The bridge is the symbol of the battleship, so the “level of completion” will be increased if you put extra efforts to the bridge.

Since the parts for the bridge and chimney are too tiny, beware of missing the parts during assembling.
And the dimension of photo etch D7 is made to be very precise, so pay extra attention when dealing with it.
For assembling part no. F5 and F2, it is better and easier to assemble to have C49 assembled first.

About the chimney, a little bit difficult when bending E46.
Bend them gently as stated in the manual. Check the bend of every parts when attaching to the chimney. Apply adhesives to C36 to stack on the top.

The chimney also containing some parts that is eye-catching. Prepare and assemble them with extra care.

To be continued. . .