2012/11 09

MAKING 10 : 1/700scale Ultimate Kit Btttleship YAMATO

Making of1/700scale Ultimate Kit YAMATO, this update is assembling the sub turrets.

Just several point you need to notice when assembling the sub turrets.

The base of the 1st sub turret.

Be careful when assembling the barrels.
Drill 0.5mm holes at the central of parts number M58 and insert the barrels to them. Pay attention in drilling the holes due to the fineness of the parts, and try to drill at the center of the parts to fit the barrel straightly. The holes will comes out from the sides if you tilted. So pay extra attention in doing this.

Same as the main turrets, keep it safe when you finished assembling the sub turrets.

The assemble of 2nd sub turret is basically the same as the 1st. Just repeat the process is fine.

To be continued. . .