2012/11 07

MAKING 8 : 1/700scale Ultimate Kit Btttleship YAMATO

Continuing to the making of 1/700scale Ultimate Kit YAMATO. You may reference to this “making of” article when you assembling the kit.
This update will be assembling structures to the deck.

It is not so difficult to assemble structures to the deck. Use the techniques of bending and attaching that we have been used so far will be fine.
However, decals has been attached to the deck so you must finish any painting and colouring before. It is not similar to the rest of the kit that can do colouring after assembling.

The attaching point rails at the rear deck is small. Pay attention when using jelly type adhesives, placing little by little adhesives when attaching the rails.
(this picture is not following the making process, but it is finished by following the instructions from the manual.)

Use nipper to remove the excess part from the bottom of the deck.

To be continued. . .