2012/10 06

Metal Rivets Series No.15-No.16 [Wheel air valves]

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The rivets can be used on car models, bike models and other various models.

– The Metal Rivets Series line up: round, hexagon, flat and other types such as switch type and air valves type.

– Smaller size for the he round shape, hexagon, flat and minus rivets will be available.

– All rivets made of white metal, they can be shiny brushed.

– The quantity for the series is from 48pcs to 75pcs.

(The dimensions may vary due to the manufacturing process.)

P1031 No.15 : Air valves – L (for 1/12 scale) [12 pieces]
P1032 No.16 : Air valves – S (for 1/20 or 1/24 scale) [12 pieces]

P1031 P1032 Metal Rivets Series No.15-No.16 [Wheel air valves]¥800 (+Tax)
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P1032 In Stock