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1/35scale TIGER I Metal Tracks

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Metal Tracks for 1/35 scale TIGER I Tanks.

■All track parts are made of white metal that can let you feel its weight.

■All you need to assemble is the gel type instant adhesives and 60 minutes of time! You don’t need those troublesome process with pins and wires. The tracks use the mechanism that grabbing the axis each other so it is totally movable after assembled, and the pieces are not easily to be loosen.

■Jig is included for you to assemble 10 pieces each time.

■2 versions are available: Early Type and Late Type. Each has 200 pieces included.

■Compatible to “T” Company and “D” Company kits.

Ver.A : P1042●[Early Type]

Ver.B : P1043●[Late Type]

*(The parts are still under development and subject to change.)

P1042 P1043 1/35scale TIGER I Metal Tracks¥5000 (+Tax)
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