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1/24scale Fulldetail kit : 908/3 [1970]

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Due to the change to regulations, with the design based on 908/2, by including a new body shape that can have sufficient power to fight in the technical race in Targa Florio, the light model of the 908 series, 908/3, was debuted in Group 6 – Sports Prototype race.

The 908/3 was just like showing it’s the heir from 908 series, it won and dominated the top positions in the 1970 Targa race.

1970 May3 [54th Targa.Florio]
K353 Ver.A : 1st No.12 Joseph siffert/Brian Redman

K354 Ver.B : 2nd No.40 Pedro Rodriguez/Leo Kinnunen

K355 Ver.C : 5th No.36 Richard Attwood/Bjorn Waldegard

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