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1/700scale Multi-Material Kit : Japanese Battleship YAMATO

Released 20th November 2012, now on sale.

●Thank you to all of your support, the initial production 300 kits had been sold out! The next production has been limited to 50 kits and will be available on mid-January 2013. Pre-order now!

[Kit Details]

■This kit concentrates all the know-how to use raw materials and production procedures, all the best from MFH to make the flagship “YAMATO”, the largest battleship in the Japanese battleship history, in a new kit series “Ultimate Kit”.

■This multi-material Kit contains Parts made of white metal, resin, photo etching sheets, and photopolymer from the laser lithography machine.
The bridge, chimney, observation aircrafts will be made in one-piece by using photopolymer, they presenting the ultimate level of quality and details. The observation aircraft will be translucent.

■The ship body at the right side can be removed and you can see the inside parts, you can check the high level of detail to the photo etching sheets applied to the internal part of Yamato, such as the vital part, the engine room, the inner part of second turret, the armory and the armory.

■The cannon barrels will be made of alloys, and the barrels of anti aircraft cannon will be made of stainless steel, and all the barrels will be hollow from centre. The chain of the anchor will be made of metal.

■The deck will be made of photo etching sheet which produced with very detail mold. The handrails will be also in form of photo etching sheet. To reproduce the wooden deck, decals are available inside the kit.

■The metal connections of the outer component and the outline of the battleship and the power will also be seen in the kit.

■Display stand is included.

■This kit is the battleship YAMATO in the last variation in April 1945.

(All parts seen in the photographs are images and subject to change without notice.)

MK001 1/700scale Multi-Material Kit : Japanese Battleship YAMATO¥43000 (+Tax)
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