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1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : MS11

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This Fulldetail kit is based on the MS11 installed with the MATRA V12 engine of the first all-French team in 1968.

[ About the MS11 ]
The MATRA (Mécanique Aviation Traction) company, one of the French company focus on aeronautics and weaponry development in the 20th century, entered the motorsports racing society in mid-1960s, with the support of the Charles de Gaulle administration with a newly established automobile subsidiary.
They joined F1 starting from 1967, and the MS10 provided to the satellite team won 3 champions in the 1968 season with the Ford DFV engine. At the same year, other than the satellite team, they rolled out the MS11 for the all-French factory-backed team.
Many of the parts which constructing the MS11 are made in France, and the MATRA V12 engine with 12 60 degrees V-cylinder and DOHC4 valves , generating 420 horsepower that as powerful as the V8 engines at that time but lighter and more compact.
The driver of the MS11, Jean-Pierre Beltoise, the French who raced under MATRA team starting from F3 racing. He finished at 1st runner up in the Dutch GP, and standing at the victory stand for the first time.
The results of MS11 may be less shiny as the MS10 at the same season, however, with the unique engine sound of the MATRA V12 engine, and with their “made in France, win for France” spirit, the MS11 should be left in the Grand Prix history.

[ Variation ]

K335 Ver.A [ 1968 Rd.3 Monaco GP ]
The unique colouring that French blue with white and red line together with dark blue, together with the first racing of MS11 in the Monte Carlo race circuit.
The body and the nose shape and the six exhaust pipe that can only be seen in the early type will be all available in the kit.

K336 Ver.B [ 1968 Rd.5 Dutch GP ]
This version is the memorable first GP that standing in the victory stand.
The body shape, and the 4 exhaust pipe which is different from the early type, together with the oil cooler at the body side.

K337 Ver.C [ 1968 Rd.6 French GP ]
Extra tanks installed at two sides of the body that changes the shape, and the short type rear wing completes the characteristics of the French GP specification.

K338 Ver.D [ 1968 Rd.9 Italian GP ]
The extension out of the body side is shorter, and the shape of the upper cowl is different from other versions. Together with front wing and a high mounted long type rear wing for the Italian GP.


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