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1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : M19

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[ Kit Detail ]
At the year 1970, the team lost the team driver and the owner, The M19 is the model that trying to apply technologies different from the cigar type as other teams are still using.
The M19A type is installed with the new structure suspensions, and in order to lower the balance, the fuel tanks are installed at the two sides, forming the coke bottle line of the cowl, and debut in the year 1971.
Although it had a hard year in the 1971 season, it had won the first champion at the South Africa GP in 1972, and in the the lightened model M19C continued to race until the team then replaced with the famous car M23 within the 1973 season.


[ Variations ]
●Ver.A [ M19A : 1971 Rd.10 Canadian GP / Rd.11 U.S. GP ]
The M19A is painted with the orange team colour.
This version comes with the normal type nose and the sportscar nose used in the U.S. GP preliminary race.

●Ver.B [ M19A “SUNOCO” : 1971 Rd.10 Canadian GP / Rd.11 U.S. GP ]
Penske-White Racing sponsored the M19A to race the 1971 Canadian GP and US GP.
M.Donohue raced the Canadian GP and got a 3rd place, D.Hobbs raced the US GP and finished at 10th position.
The version had a different body shape and the roll cage to Ver. A.

●Ver.C [ M19A/M19C : 1972 Rd.2 SouthAfrican GP / Rd.5 Belgian GP ]
The 1972 model is different from the 1971 models. The induction pod and other details had been changed and painted with the symbolic Yadley colour.
This version comes with the only champion race that D.Hulme won with M19 in the South African GP, and the M19C specification starting from the Belgian GP.

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