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1/12scale Conversion Kit : LOTUS Type72E

Resale April 2016

This is the 1/12 scale conversion kit based on the late type Lotus Type 72E, evolved from Type 72 debuted in 1970.

■The 72E is evolved based on the metal body of 72C and 72D and changed to aluminium monocoque covered with FRP. This kit will be using white metal to reproduce the monocoque with the side body and also the cockpit, with high detail.

■The enlarged Induction Pod, Rear Wing, Cockpit Cowl and the Nose Cowl modified since 72D were still using in the 72E.

■Although the engine and front/rear section are still using the parts from the donor kit, this conversion kit will be coming with metal, rubber and etching parts for the key positions to improve the details of the donor kit parts.

■This kit is a conversion kit. The donor kit “T company Item No.12046 1/12scale TEAM LOTUS TYPE 72D 1972″ is required.
(Please be noticed that the tires inside the “T Company Item No.12046 LOTUS 72D” on sale in the year 2012 has no maker marks. This conversion kit is designed based on this version.)

●K321  [ 1974 Rd.6 Monaco GP  No.1:R. Peterson]
Reproduce the victory of R. Peterson in the Monaco GP in 1974.

K321 1/12scale Conversion Kit : LOTUS Type72E¥35000 (+Tax)
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