2020/6 26

Metal Rivets Series [ Connector type ]

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A series of rivets casted in white metal. Can be used with car models, bike models and other various models.

– a new set of connector heads used for piping has now been added to the popular metal rivet series.

– designs come in two sizes: size L, and size S which comes at a slightly smaller dimension.

– produced with white metal, a quick polish automatically gives connectors a realistic metallic look.

– each set comes with 42~54 pieces.

(Please note due to the nature of production, parts may be slightly off dimension compared to the numbers listed below)

P1148 – No.20 : Connector type-A-L [42 pieces]
P1149 – No.21 : Connector type-B-L [42 pieces]
P1150 – No.S14 : Connector type-A-S [54 pieces]
P1151 – No.S15 : Connector type-B-S [54 pieces]

P1148 P1149 P1150 P1151 Metal Rivets Series [ Connector type ]¥1200 (+Tax)
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