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PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION Vol.8 “McLaren MP4/7 in Detail”

now on sale [ July 2019 released ]

The PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION series is created with focus on collecting photographs for use as reference for model building and serving as a historical record of various famed machines. The 8th book in the series will be covering the McLaren MP4/7, the last Formula 1 to run on a Honda engine during Honda’s second era of involvement in the F1 industry.

– The photos in this book feature the MP4/7 on display at the Honda Collection Hall, with photos chosen with focus on details of the car useful as reference for model building. Includes various photos of body cowl, cockpit, monocoque, suspensions, engine, wings etc.

– Contains 36 pages / A4 Size / All Colour / Photographer・Editor : MFH


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