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1/20scale Fulldetail Kit : 250F

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[ Kit Details ]
– a full detailed, multi-material kit featuring white metal, resin, etching, metal turned parts, rubber tires, decals allowing for maximum representation of the original vehicle.

– aluminum turned parts used for wheel rim.

– front bonnet removable, allowing full view of the detailed interior after completion.


[ Variations ]
K715 Ver.A : 1957 Rd.1 Argentine GP Winner #2 J.M.Fangio / 2nd #6 J.Behrad
– first debuting in 1954, the 250F went through various engine and frame upgrades for the 1957 season. The 250F took the championship in the same year under the hands of legendary driver J.M. Fangio.
– based off the 1957 opening race build where Fangio grasped victory. Features unique nose and muffler design used during this race only.

K716 Ver.B : 1957 Rd.2 Monaco GP Winner #32 J.M.Fangio
– based off the build used in the second race of the season where Fangio managed a back-to-back victory at Monaco GP. Features a different muffler and body side compared to Ver. A.

K717 Ver.C : 1957 Rd.4 French GP Winner #2 J.M.Fangio
Rd.6 German GP Winner #1 J.M.Fangio

– based on the versions that raced in both French GP and German GP, featuring a different cowl that has louvers in the lower center part of the body. Fangio managed to win first in both races, with the German GP race being one of Fangio’s best race moments – having pitted mid-race, Fangio was about 40 seconds behind both Ferrari cars (who were first and second at the time). However Fangio was able to make up for the deficit and took first place at the very end. This victory would also mark Fangio’s final F1 win.


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