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Now on sale [ August 2018 Released ]

– This photobook contains a wide selection of photos of both the Jaguar XJR9 and XJR8 Sprint, the group C car that gained fame after winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1988.

– Photos were taken from the Historic Car event [SUZUKA Sound of Engine 2016] in 2016 where a demo run took place.

– This book mainly focuses on the XJR9 and contains many detailed close up photos of the cockpit, engine, suspension etc.10 pages are dedicated mainly to the exterior of the XJR8 Sprint.Photos were hand picked with focus on details of the car useful as reference for model building.

– Vehicles have been restored since the WEC and various parts such as the rear wing or tire may differ than those of the original, however parts that did not change such as the engine serve as excellent reference for model building.

– Contains 40 pages / A4 Size / All Colour / Photographer : Tucky NAKAMURA / editor : MFH

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