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1/12scale Kit Resale August 2018

Resale August 2018

The following 1/12scale kits will be restocked for a limited time in limited numbers for the month of August 2018. Resale of kits will stop once stock runs out. Please place an order as soon as possible to ensure availability.


1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : LOTUS TYPE79 [Sold out]
K311 Ver.A : 1978 Rd.8 Swedish GP / Rd9 French GP
K312 Ver.B : 1978 Rd12 Austrian GP /Rd13 Dutch GP / Rd14 Italian GP

Sold out : due to popularity, restock for this kit has ran out. This kit will not be reproduced in the near future until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.

1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : LOTUS TYPE97T
K346 Ver.A : 1985 Rd.2 Portuguese GP
K347 Ver.B : 1985 Rd.13 Belgian GP

Restock : Ver. A – 20 kits / Ver. B – 10 kits

1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : LOTUS TYPE98T
K439 Ver.A : 1986 Rd.2 Spanish GP / Rd.7 U.S. GP
K440 Ver.B : 1986 Rd.5 Belgian GP
K441 Ver.C : 1986 Rd.11 Hungarian GP

Restock : Ver. A/B – 30 kits in total / Ver. C – 20 kits

1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : Ferrari 126C4/C4M/C4M2
K469 Ver.A : [126C4] 1984 Rd.3 Belgian GP / Rd.4 San Marino GP
K470 Ver.B : [126C4M] 1984 Rd.10 British GP
K471 Ver.C : [126C4M2] 1984 Rd.15 European GP / Rd.16 Portuguese GP

Restock : Ver. A/B/C – 20 kits each


*(Please note some parts for kits may have been altered/changed/updated since the original release.)