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1/12scale Proportion Kit : Ferrari SF71H

July 2018

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[Kit Details]
– a multi-material kit featuring white metal, resin, photoetching, turned parts, rubber tires, and decals allowing for maximum representation of the original vehicle.
- a proportion kit omitting inner details of car and featuring minimal parts allowing for quick assembly
- model based on 3D data provided from Ferrari, allowing for extreme close replication of the body line of the original vehicle.
- Wheel rim provided as turned parts. Pre-printed sponsor logos featured on tires.


K670 Ver.A :
2018 Rd.1 Australian GP Winner #5 S.Vettel / 3rd #7 K.Räikkönen
2018 Rd.2 Bahrain GP Winner #5 S.Vettel / #7 K.Räikkönen

K671 Ver.B :
2018 Rd.6 Monaco GP 2nd #5 S.Vettel / 4th #7 K.Räikkönen

K672 Ver.C :
2018 Rd.7 Canadian GP Winner #5 S.Vettel / 6th #7 K.Räikkönen


*(Product is currently still in design phase: release date/price/instructions for construction/build may be altered for official release. / Images based off CG captures may not accurately reflect that of the final product.)

Release in July 2018
K670 K671 K672 1/12scale Proportion Kit : Ferrari SF71H¥55000 (+Tax)
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