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1/12scale Fulldetail Kit :Toleman TG184

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[ About the Toleman TG184 ]
Toleman first entered into Formula 1 in 1981, with Brian Hart providing the engines and Rory Bryne in charge of design. While the team started off uncompetitive, the finally saw progress by the later half of 1983. In the following year of 1984, Aryton Senna entered the team as his F1 debut, and managed to take 2nd place at Monaco GP and 3rd in both Britain and Portugal GP. Monaco GP proved to be a memorable race as Senna gave close chase to first place driver, McLaren’s Alain Prost. The race called off midway due to worsening rain conditions, however many have said that Senna may have been able to claim his first F1 win had the race continued on. The car that drove the team to success that year was the TG184 – equipped with a carbon fibre monocoque, a Hart 415T straight 4 turbo engine, and a unique double rear wing setup. Various modifications were done on the rear wing, and the car saw a podium finish in the final race of the season under the hands of A. Senna.


[Kit Details]
– a full detailed, multi-material kit featuring white metal, resin, etching, metal turned parts, rubber tires, decals and various cords allowing for maximum representation of the original vehicle.

– aluminum turned parts used for center locknut and wheel shaft.

– front nose /rear cowl can be removed, allowing full view of the detailed interior after completion.

– pre-printed sponsor logos featured on tires.

– initial run of kit includes a limited 1/12 Scale A.S. Driver (Driving Style) figure – helmet and decals included with figure.


[ Variations ]
K650 Ver.A : 1984 Rd.6 Monaco GP #19 A.Senna / #20 J.Cecotto
– based on the Monaco GP race where A. Senna came close second behind 1st place driver A. Prost in the pouring rain, marking the first 2nd place victory for both Senna and the team. Includes rain tires.

K651 Ver.B : 1984 Rd.7 Canadian GP / Rd.8 Detroit GP / Rd.9 Dallas GP / Rd.10 British GP #19 A.Senna / #20 J.Cecotto
– based on the midseason build where changes were done to the rear wing flaps – the same build that brought A. Senna 3rd place at the British GP. Includes slick tires.

K652 Ver.C : 1984 Rd.11 German GP #19 A.Senna
Rd.14 Italian GP #19 S.Johansson / #20 P.Martini

– based on a latter season build where the rear wing featured small wings extending outwards. Includes slick tires.

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