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1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : Ferrari F187 / F187/88C

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[About the Ferrari F187 / F187/88C]
Having a victory drought for most of the 1980s, The Ferrari team settled for a new design for the 1987 season. The main design was done by Gustav Brunner, with newcomer John Barnard taking over after Brunner’s departure from the team. The result was the F187 – featuring a lower cockpit and sharper body than the car from the previous year, and equipped with a 90°V6 twin turbo engine mounted longitudinally.
While the F187 retired from many races due to reliability issues with a new engine, it saw better performances late in the season. Newcomer G. Berger was able to win first place at Suzuka GP, being the first driver to ever win at Suzuka Circuit for F1 (it was the first Japanese Grand Prix since 1977, and the first to ever be held at Suzuka Circuit). In the final Australian GP, Ferrari was able to grasp a one-two finish, scoring two consecutive wins before the end of the season.
As turbocharged engines were banned from 1989 and on, Ferrari decided to enter the F187 for the year of 1988 with some modifications done to fit the regulations for that year. The new car, F187/88C, while strong, was not enough to compete against McLaren`s MP4/4 – equipped with the Honda engine and driven by star drivers A. Senna and A. Prost. To add to matters, Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari passed away in August 1988, leaving a team in a negative state. Despite the misfortunes, Berger and teammate M. Alboreto managed a one-two finish in the hometown of Ferrari in September`s Italian GP, having Senna forced to retire after a collision. It was a victory well remembered, marking an emotional victory for the Ferrari team after Enzo Ferrari`s passing, and being the only race McLaren did not win in the entire season of 1988.

[Kit Details]

– four variations based off the F187 that raced in the 1987, and the later updated F187/88C

– a full detailed, multi-material kit featuring white metal, resin, etching, metal turned parts, rubber tires, decals and various cords allowing for maximum representation of the original vehicle.

– aluminum turned parts used for wheel rim, center locknut and shaft.

– nose and rear cowl can be removed allowing full view of the detailed interior after completion.

– pre-printed sponsor logos featured on tires.


K624●Ver.A : 1987 Rd.15 Japanese GP #27 Michele Alboreto / #28 Gerhard Berger
– 1987 built of F187.
– based on the version that saw G. Berger become the first ever Suzuki GP F1 winner after a pole to win victory.

K625●Ver.B : 1987 Rd.4 Monaco GP #27 Michele Alboreto / #28 Gerhard Berger
– 1987 built of F187, based on the version where M. Alboreto took 3rd place at the Monaco GP.
– features a low turbo duct found in earlier builds in the beginning of the season.

K626●Ver.C : 1988 Rd.12 Italian GP #27 Michele Alboreto / #28 Gerhard Berger
– 1988 built of F187/88C
– based on the version that raced at the Italian GP, where Ferrari`s victory came as an emotional moment after founder Enzo Ferrari`s death, and also marked McLaren`s only loss the whole season.

K627●Ver.D : 1988 Rd.8 British GP #27 Michele Alboreto / #28 Gerhard Berger
– 1988 built of F187/88C, based on the version where G. Berger took pole position at the British GP.
– features rain tires


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